Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ten months later....and?????

Yep, I have pulled an Oprah and have gained much of my weight back. The exact gain?  I have no idea..the last time I weighed it was 20 pounds.  That was a few weeks ago.  Am I fasting again?  No, but as always I am struggling with my weight.  I wake up every morning vowing to be count calories, count carbs, exercise, locate Josh Holloway and ask why he is not in every movie that is made because frankly, he should be.

It's amazing that in my 60s I have come to the realization that - after living my entire life in obesity - that I  just eat too much.  As soon as the Atkins diet came in my life, in my 20s, I decided that calories didn't matter. That's what the book said.   And somewhere, I must have read that I needed 3,000 calories to maintain my weight because I swear, that is what I have always thought I needed.

Bottom line - according to My Plate, a $2.99  I downloaded for my iPad, I only need 2045 calories a day to maintain my weight as I live my totally sedentary lifestyle.

2000 calories???? WTF???? That's nothing.  A typical breakfast that I love to order contains 1200 calories...two eggs, sausage links, hashbrown, ketchup,  buttered toast with jam, coffee with cream. Oh, and a bit of orange juice to fight off scurvy. (Have you ever met anyone that says "I suffer from scurvy?").  I ate this particular breakfast in Chicago diners for most of my twenties.  It is still my favorite meal - and if you add biscuits and gravy, well I am in relocated Hillbilly Heaven. 

I rarely eat out anymore.  My typical breakfast now is two sausage patties served with five egg whites.  A total of 250 calories. One fifth of the calories I need if I want to loose 2 pounds a week. But I have always had a problem with food.  When I look at a cake, I often wonder why they bother to cut it into slices? 

Once again, I have no idea where I am going with this weight issue of mine. But, I want this blog to me more than weight because frankly, I am more than just what I weigh. (Although, for some reason, many people in my life have never gotten over my weight.)

 But if I want to stop  stuffing myself, I have to find another alternative.  Maybe I will just stuff my blog instead.