Sunday, May 25, 2014


I don’t know why I have a problem following orders or rules of law…never actually served time but I attribute that little fact to my overworked, chain-smoking guardian angels.  Even when I volunteer for something, I take forever to actually get around to doing it.  Like doing this book blog tour with Allen Eskens, an exciting new voice in the world of mystery fiction. Allen is the author of the much-awaited The Life We Bury. Fortunately Eskins doesn’t seem to be like me. He’s a pro at everything he attempts, from graduating with a degree in journalism of the U of M, to getting his juris doctorate from Hamline University. Visit him at

With this particular tour authors are asked to answer the following questions…

What am I working on?  Currently I am working very, very slowly on two projects. One is the second book in the Buffet Betty series (Murder by Chance was the debut novel).  I am also finishing up a YA novel.  In my day-to day-life I no longer walk, but shuffle along in house slippers.  My brain appears to be doing the same. If someone could invent a walker for the brain to speed it up, I’d buy it in a minute.

How does my work differ from others of its genre? I don’t know that it does…except perhaps my humor is a bit twisted and dark, sort of like the author herself.

Why do I write what I do?  I seem to only write when I like an matter what the genre. I have written mainstream fiction, children’s, young adult, romance, poetry and mysteries.

How does your writing process work?  When I am producing I try to write 1000 words a day but will not quit until I have 800 words. I may take breaks, watch a rerun of The Big Bang Theory, etc., but I try to reach my word count by noon. That way I can live the afternoon and evening as a guilt-free normal person.  (If you a writer, unless you have written for the day, you always, always feel guilty.)

What authors have I tagged to follow me?  Lovely authors who sent lovely pictures, not realizing I could never figure out how to insert them into this make sure you go to their website to see their smiling and appealing faces.

JOEL ARNOLD’S writing has appeared in dozens of publications, ranging from Weird Tales and American Road Magazine to the anthologies Resort to Murder and Shivers VII. He's received a Minnesota Artists Initiative Grant, the Speculative Literature Foundation's Gulliver Travel & Research Grant, and his young adult historical novel Ox Cart Angel received a Midwest Book Award in 2012. He also makes a mean coffee cake.  Catch him at

TODD JAY has enjoyed a career creating comedy in a variety of venues including Theater, Improvisation, Stand Up and Writing. He has performed in theaters, cabarets and comedy clubs nationwide appearing with notables such as Judy Tenuta and Lily Tomlin. He was in the film Beautiful Girls from Miramax Films (but don't blink too much). Dead End Boss is his first novel. Check him out at

SHEYNA GALYAN is the author of the Rabbi David Cohen suspense series, set in the Twin Cities. She holds graduate degrees in counseling psychology and education. Sheyna has worked as a counselor, consultant, lecturer, journalist, and Jewish educator. Fascinated by the intersection of tradition and technology, her favorite questions are Why? and Why not? She lives with her husband and children in the Twin Cities, where she is at work on the next Rabbi David Cohen novel. Find out more about her and her books at

MARILYN VICTOR has been an animal lover since she could walk and was thrilled to be able to pair that love with her love of mysteries to co-author Death Roll and Killer Instinct. Right now she is obsessed with creating a butterfly garden in her backyard to attract monarch butterflies. She has already rescued three caterpillars and is looking forward to watching them change into beautiful butterflies. She’s wondering if her next book should revolve around butterflies. Visit her and her view from her backyard at


  1. I dare say, there is nothing late-bloomery about you. Very nice to see you and read about you and others you admire on this blog tour.

  2. Thanks Mickie...buit it does take me forever to do or finish anything..the only reason i have stuff finished is that I have lived so long.

  3. A walker for the brain...! Wow! YESSSSS!!! You have a way of putting things that always hits home.